Surgery Day

Daily Photo #1

 This is a photo of Lauren’s wedding rings, safe on a string around my neck, taken a few moments after she was wheeled back into the operating room for open heart surgery, 7:27 am on January the 11th, 2012

Daily List #1

  • Surgery was completely successful, thank you Jesus!
  • She was in surgery from 7:27am until 1:10pm
  • Afterwards she was moved to the intensive care unit, where we are staying until they move us up to the 10th floor in normal inpatient recovery.
  • She is in a lot of pain and fairly uncomfortable except when the drugs kick in and even then I am not quite sure. She is thankful to be alive.
  • She is very, very beautiful.
  • Her surgeon, Dr. Cambell, said that surgery went very smoothly and that Lauren has a brand new pulmonary valve that works great and will work great for many years to come. He also told us that they patched a small hole in her heart that they found. I am pretty sure they patch it with Gore-Tex.
  • Thank you everyone who prayed. Jesus is gracious, giving us gifts upon gifts that we do not deserve and could never repay … but that’s kind’ve the point then isn’t it. Praise Jesus my wife is doing awesome.
  • Lauren says hi and is very glad this first day is over.
  • More to come.

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