14 Weeks: The Clouds are Parting

 Pregnancy Ticker

I feel. . .

significantly less barfy than the first 13 weeks.  I didn’t think it would end.  Although I still get the gags at certain things. . .like body odor and chicken.  So if you want to hang out, put on deodorant :)

I crave. . .

Nothing at the moment.  Unless you count all the skittles, blow pops, snickers, and mini cupcakes I eat on a regular basis.  Sour patch kids too.  I wouldn’t say they’re a craving. . .more like my diet.

I am learning. . .

Did anyone read my recent post about lemons?  I am learning to rejoice with others and remember how gracious God is.  Hopefully that transfers over to mommy-dom.

The truth is. . .

This is the first week I noticed that my belly is growing.  Before I think people would look at me and say, “Oh!  I see the bump!”  And really what they were seeing (and patting) was just my lovely belly fat.  Truth.

Husband says. . .

I just downloaded an app on my phone that measures the baby’s growth!  Also I just made my first batch of homemade chili. . .I call it Polish Irish Smoked Garlic Chili.  But there’s no smoked garlic, but there is beer.  Shhh.

Lauren at 14 weeks

We got a lemon!


One thought on “14 Weeks: The Clouds are Parting

  1. Congrats! :) You look great! And isn’t it wonderful when the sickly feeling starts easing up?! Mine was gone for good at 15 weeks and I felt like exercising again around 16 weeks because I wasn’t so fatigued anymore.

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