17 Weeks: Puke Free

I feel. . .

so thankful!  I missed the stomach bug that rocked the nation over Thanksgiving break!  While Andy was visiting the porcelain throne for 24 hours, I enjoyed scooting through the aisles of Home Depot looking for deals and eating my sister in law’s red velvet birthday cake and pecan pie for dinner.

I crave. . .

citrus. . .grapefruit is highly tempting, but only baked with mounds of brown sugar.  Don’t worry, if you’re salivating now like I am, I will soon post the “recipe” so go out and get some ruby red’s!

I am learning. . .

that there are no black friday deals for the pregnant or baby toting ladies.  On a recent phone call to my mother I expressed my concern and disappointment and she reminded me that Black Friday is really for the electronically possessed people.  I can’t squeeze my expanding waste line into an ipad case people.

The truth is. . .

God will provide for us. . .deals or no deals.

Husband says. . .


Too far?

17 Weeks

17 Weeks


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