18 Weeks: Throwin’ Bows

I feel. . .

an alien doing cartwheels inside of me. . .the very thing that for years made my face contort with extreme horror as my baby growing friends would tell the tales of foots and butts rolling across their insides. . .no thanks.  And then it happened to me.  Gas?  Not this time. . .  Baby elbows?  Throwing bows.  If I think about body parts doing flips, I get a little weirded out. . .but if I just think about a precious, non gooey baby letting me know he (or she) is kickin’ it in utero. . .that makes me smile.

I crave. . .

starbies frappucinno’s.  The chocolate kind.  Why are they $5?

I am learning. . .

(or discovering) that pregnancy brain is a real live condition.  If you see me walk into a store, I guarantee I’ve already forgotten where I parked. . .and where I put the keys that are in my hand.   I think I need to start up the buddy system.

The truth is. . .

God is so kind to give us 18 weeks with a baby.  I do like when it moves and I am so excited for our ultrasound in six days!

Husband says. . .

“I’m waiting for it to kick my hand.”


18 Weeks along

Woah bump.


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