21 Weeks: It’s a. . .

I feel. . .

Like you are going to scroll to the bottom of this post to see what we’re having.  In fact. . .you’ve probably already discovered what the little bundle of joy is. . .precious, right?!  Although I’m sure we’d all have the same reaction no matter what (there’s just more glitter involved now).

I crave. . .

time off.

I am learning. . .

don’t haphazardly pack your belly bands when moving.  They are the only piece of clothing that make it acceptable for ladies to have their pants unbuttoned and fly unzipped in public.  As it stands now, I have one acceptable pair of pants (for the public. . .beware if you come for a visit).

The truth is. . .

I’m loosing track.  Yesterday I told someone I was 22 months along.  Also, I am pretty jazzed for sparkles.

Husband says. . .

A girl?  Wow.

Baby Hlushak at 20 Weeks

Like my bow?

Pregnancy at 21 Weeks

Pink bows inside and out!


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