Felt Flowers: The Ultimate Home Accessory

Felt Flowers

Felt Flowers DIY

Have an hour to kill while you catch up on Downton Abbey?  Want to make some versatile flower pins to be clipped anywhere your heart desires?

Well here’s a short tutorial, that I hope, meets your crafty needs.


  1. Felt (one 8.5×11 makes one flower) and an extra piece for the flower back
  2. Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks
  3. Scissors
  4. Pearls or embellishments
  5. Favorite TV show/movie

Step 1:  Prepare to cut and cut and cut.

There are three sizes to this flower.

Large petals: 12-14 (depends on how you cut and glue)

Medium petals: 8-9

Small petals:  6-7

Felt Flowers cut

Time to cut!

Step 2:  Begin to glue

Squirt hot glue along the bottom of petal.  Fold bottom petal edges over and glue down.  Make a flat bottom with folds.  Do this with large, medium, and small petals.  Take bathroom break.

Gluing Petals

Prepare for burned fingers.

Step 3:  Cut small circle (about two inches in diameter) from another piece of felt.  Start gluing around edge and applying large petals first-one at a time.  Line each petal snug against glued petal.

felt flower step 3

More opportunities for burns, but so worth it.

Large Petal Complete

Large Petal Complete

Step 4:  Once the perimeter is covered with large petals, it’s time to move inward.  Begin gluing medium petals below large petals.  Make sure the medium pedal reaches at least half way up the large petal.

Step 4 Medium Petals

Medium petal glue down.

Step 5:  Repeat with small petals.  Bottom of small petals should come together in the center.  If not, do not fear. . .that’s where embellishments help!

Step 6:  Add embellishments.  I chose pearl beads.

Felt Flower Finished

Viola! Felt Flower!

Step 7:  Glue an alligator clip or pin on the back so you can pin your flower on anything (or anyone) you want!

Felt Flowers on Wreath

A felt flower tribute to Florida State.

Felt Flower pattern

Print this off to be your guide. Guessing is ok too :)



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