Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flare

Well well well, it’s here again.  Valentine’s Day.  I love this day.  But I’d love it even more if I stayed ahead of the game.

As I write, a cold lonely box of Duncan Hine’s cake mix sits on my kitchen counter next to stacks of red and pink paper cupcake liners.  He knows his potential was great.  He could have been the treat that made eyes water and mouths salivate.  But sadly his fate will probably be less show stopping and more along the lines of helping ease a sweet tooth craving while watching that blasted Cupcake Wars show.

Andy and I are having our City Group over tomorrow night for a special Valentine’s Dinner, complete with no cupcakes.  The gentlemen will be preparing the meal while the ladies do something girly, like talk. . .a lot.

In a last minute effort to jazz the house up for this day of love, I stopped by hobby lobby to grab a few necessities. . .tissue paper, clothes pins, jute, and table cloths.  I almost bought some foam blocks just because they were on clearance, but I resisted-they just weren’t screaming romance.

I arrived home a little defeated as I thought I could make it out Crafty MacGyver style having only spent $5.  Alas, I hang my head in shame to tell you I spent $16 on the aforementioned.  Please don’t kick me out of your thrifty nifty or frugal mother club.

Here’s what I came up with. . .heart garland taped to jute string (the clothes pins were too heavy), and tissue paper flowers in a beer bottle.  Call me refined.

The flowers tuned out cute, and I wanted to share, just in case you too are in need of some last minute valentine flare for your homestead (or office).

Valentine Tissue Paper Flowers

Easy tissue paper flowers

Step 1:

Roll newspaper in ball and tape.

Step 2:

Cover newspaper ball in tissue paper and tape.

Save money by avoiding styrofoam balls.  Why do they cost so much??

flower ball

Earning back frugality status.

Step 3:

Fold stack of tissue paper in half and cut semi-circles.

fold and cut

No rocket science here.

Step 4:

Pre-fold the little tissue paper pedals for easy gluing.  Spread on some hot glue and stick away.  No worries about holding paper down or making sure it fans out perfectly.  It will look great with little effort and no burns.

glue tissue paper pedals

Burns less likely the less you care.

Step 5:

Give it a stem.  I happen to always have skewers around.  It’s like the never ending Mary Poppins bag of wooden sticks.

Finish up the flower


Step 6:

I took some of Andy’s old beer bottles-the stubby kind-and wrapped them in paper and jute.

And Viola!

Happy Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Flowers

Hope your day is very very merry.


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