Craft Fair (like it’s my job)

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I love craft fairs, but there is one in particular that makes my heart sing the way the general public sings about Starbie’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  It’s the Friends of Littleton Craft Fair-hosted every year on the first Saturday in October.  I first discovered it two years ago when I woke up and hundreds of white tents filled the field across from my apartment.  It’s like the little craft gnomes came and set up camp while I was dreaming of felt and glitter.

This year I took the plunge. . .I found a friend (Ashley from Bow and Arrow Art —-> check out her stuff here) who was brave enough to host a booth with me at the 47th Annual Friends of Littleton Craft Fair.  Ashley is a super talented artist/typographist making the cutest prints and cards and rolling things in glitter-because that’s what it’s really all about.  I will be supplying the booth with a craft-a-licious smattering of handmade non-edible goodies.

Minky Blankets

Now, I am not new to the glue gun or elmer’s or even feathers (thank you YMCA Indian Guides), but I wouldn’t say the things I create are even close to knock off Anthropologie lamp shades or Martha Steward holiday swag.  I also have no real product line to roll out come October 5th because every time I think of a craft I make one or two and then get excited about a new project.  I blame pinterest.  And my 7th grade sewing skills.

I believe most patrons that visit our booth will look at my stuff and think “I can make that.”  I know they will because I do the same thing (except with the mitten lady-I mean, I’ll leave the mittens to the experts).  And you know what my rebuttal will be?  ‘Yeah, you can make this. . .but will you?’ And that’s where I get them- they’ll purse their lips, furrow their brows and then show a sliver of humility as they grab the froo-froo tutu and I swipe their VISA on my square card reader.

Craft Fairs

So this is your official invitation to come visit our booth and be suckered into buying a glitter tipped feather or winter hand warmers or a fabulous holiday card. . .or maybe a little rainy day game for the kiddos,

Crazy Elephant Game

Craft Fair boxes

See you there!


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