Valentine’s Day: A Dinner Table Game and Contest

I love Valentine’s Day.  You can tell because I never fail to write about it year after year.  Here are my Valentine Cupcakes and delicious ganache. . .Here are my Valentine’s Center Pieces, and today, I bring you a fun Valentine’s Day game for guests at the dinner table.  It takes about ten minutes or less to make and will lead lots of fun!

Valentine's Day Dinner Table Game

Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Game

Valentine’s is a great day to put little special touches on every day things.  Plus the color palate is right up my alley.  Each year we host a Valentine’s Day dinner with our church’s City Group, where the men cook dinner for us ladies.  We all squeeze around a table in our living room and dine on spaghetti and cookies.  It’s heaven.

Last year we did a guys vs girls Valentine’s Trivia Game, but this year I decided to keep conversation around the table.  I really wanted to ask questions but wanted each guest to be able to have the spotlight for a moment.  So I decided to write some questions on paper and use it to roll up the plastic cutlery.  (We are really fancy over here.)  The questions ranged from funny to thoughtful.  It was like unwrapping a little gift at the table where you got to share a little bit about yourself.  So fun!

Here’s how to put together the Valentine’s Day Dinner Table Game

1. Cut out strips of scrapbook paper (I made mine about 4” wide, 1.5” tall) and write a question on the inside (the side that will not be showing).

2. Roll up your silverware in a napkin (I doubled up two standard white napkins-we were having spaghetti).

3. Wrap the paper strip (question facing inside) around the napkin and tape together.

4.  I added some twine to give it a little something extra.

A ten minute make-ahead valentine's day game for the whole family

Cut, write, roll, tape, tie! You can make this in 10 minutes.

You can do this for any dinner party or holiday party-not just for Valentine’s Day.  We went around the table one at a time and answered our questions.  We had a lot of fun and there was definitely a lot of laughter.

Take a look at some of my questions to get ideas for your dinner table game.

Dinner Table Questions

  1. What are your top two favorite Valentine treats?
  2. What was your favorite things about elementary school Valentine’s Day parties?
  3. What is your favorite love song?  Can you sing it for us ;)
  4. What food (or meal) best represents love to you?
  5. Tell us about an awkward date you’ve had or heard about from a “friend.”
  6. Who is your biggest role model when it comes to loving others?
  7. How has someone made you feel special lately?
  8. What is your dream date? (Yes, time and money matter if you want it to be a reality)
  9. What is your favorite Bible verse or story about love?
  10. What is your favorite Romantic Comedy?
  11. How has God shown you love over the past year?
  12. Why do you think Pat Benatar described love as a battlefield? Is this accurate?
  13. Love is all you need.  True or False?  Why?
  14. What’s your biggest hurdle to loving others?
  15. What do you just love to do?

And that’s not all. . .

If you’re looking for a last minute very special and unique Valentine gift, check out my photographer friend’s blog today-she’s giving away a special valentine photograph called “I love you. In a Hundred Languages.” to one lovely winner.

Valentine's Day Photo Contest

Go to to enter to win this print!


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