Welcome to the ramblings of a ruffled heart.

At 11 months old I was diagnosed with pulmonary valve stenosis and underwent my first open heart surgery to remove most of the valve.  For years  I lived a perfectly normal healthy life until three months after I married my love.  What I thought would be a routine visit to the cardiologist turned out to be a life changing moment.  At 28 years old I desperately needed a new valve.

Flooded with emotions and fear that once paralyzed me but soon propelled me into a deeper trust of Jesus, I walked forward with my husband into this new world of medical miracles.  That’s where the ruffled heart blog began; to document my journey of my physically ruffled heart, but to also to expose the other ruffles that make life a little more interesting.

Surgery came and went in January 2012, and I am thankful to be recovered and expecting our first bundle of joy.  There is a special place where you can read about my surgery and recovery under Physical Heart.

The journey continues and I invite you to take a peak at the ruffles, both inside and out, that have made me who I am today.

A Time to Celebrate

A Time to Celebrate


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